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ISO 9001 Certtifaction Training in Lansdale PA

DBS Quality Management Int'l. (DBSQMI) is committed to excellence and dedicated to promoting client education and understanding of certification requirements through training and implementation services.

DBSQMI is devoted to our own continuous improvement and training processes to ensure client companies are afforded the most current interpretation of these international standards. We understand the magnitude of effort needed to meet the certification requirements and are acutely aware of the many variables associated with selection of the right consulting group.

Starting from the overall planning, down to the certification audit details, DBSQMI provides a “hands-on approach” in working with client management personnel and supporting staff. This approach aids in an inevitable culture evolution, the operational process improvements and overall value-added growth within the business, and increased market share by using the tools of the standards.

Since 1991 when DBSQMI was established we have assisted hundreds of companies through the certification process. Providing ongoing services to maintain client certifications, DBSQMI strives to meet the challenges associated with the continuous changes to the standards.

For clients who use the most up-to-date technologies approach to their quality management systems development and improvement, DBSQMI can implement databases and Six Sigma Lean techniques.

DBSQMI’s ability to bring client companies to successful certification and ongoing maintenance of current quality management systems lies in our expertise as practicing registrar lead auditors. Our consultant’s credentials include certifications by Exemplar Global, IAQG International Aerospace Quality Group, CMDCAS Medical Devices, and AIAG Automotive Industries Action Group.

Markets served: Commercial, Industrial, Electronics Optical, Medical Devices, Aviation, Space, Defense, Automotive, Metal Fabrication, Plastics Fabrication, Service, and Professional sectors.


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