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Quality Management System Development and Consulting

Jay A. Dougherty
C00, Vice President and Principle Consultant
DBS Quality Management Int’l. (DBSQMI)

email: jaydougherty85@aol.com

Academic Credentials:
MBA: Arcadia University-International Business                                                                                                                             BS: Kutztown University-Professional Writing                                                                                                                                    Villanova University Master Black Belt Six Sigma Lean Mfg. Professional Certificate

Quality Management Systems Professional Certifications:                                                                                                         Probitas Authentication - IAQG – AS9100 Aerospace Auditor #1719032911                                                                             Exemplar Global  QMS Lead Auditor # Q123851

12 Years of Experience:                                                                                                                                                      Practicing Registrar Lead Auditor: DEKRA Registrar Auditor.                                                                                                          QMS Standards Development, Implementation, Documentation, Project Management, and Internal Auditing                                       Risk Management Implementation                                                                                                                                          Process Metrics Development                                                                                                                                                      Lean Manufacturing and Operations Implementation                                                                                                                       Access Database Development and Implementation

Michael J. Dougherty

CEO, Consultant & Founder of DBSQMI

email: mikedocrt@aol.com or mikedoc49@gmail.com

Academic Credentials:
MBA Selective Graduate Courses
Bachelor Degree, Two Majors
Business Organization Management
Mechanical Engineering

Exemplar Global QMSLA, IAQG AEA, CMDCAS LA Certified
24 Years ISO 9001, AS-9100, ISO 13485, QS9000 Registrar Lead Auditor/AEA.

Quality Management Systems Professional Certifications:                                                                                                        Probitas Authentication - IAQG – AS9100 Aerospace Lead Auditor #1619032025                                                                        Exemplar Global - QMS Lead Auditor # Q03123                                                                                                                           CMDCAS – Certified Medical Device Lead Auditor # M-1814                                                                                                          AIAG – QS-9000 Automotive Lead Auditor 10 years –  # CR05-0335                                                                                        Practicing Registrar Lead Auditor: DEKRA, PRI, SGS, QMI/SAI Global

For more about Mike and DBSQMI go to LinkedIn.


Consultation evaluation of your company's quality management system, with or without a formal report. The objective would be to provide an overview assessment of company activities through a general walk-through or targeted areas as directed by your company. Through various interviews and sampling of documentation we provide your company with verbal direction as to what areas should be developed and what areas look to be in position for a certification audit. Your company personnel participate and take notes throughout the assessment process.

Implementation consulting services are on an as-needed basis through to certification. Working from your company’s implementation plan, processes may include:

  • Project management of activities
  • Full comprehensive training of company personnel and management, either on-site or at our public training sessions (see our Training page )
  • On-going assessments
  • Procedure/documentation writing services
  • Provide internal auditing and associated reports
  • Participation in the Management Review process
  • Assist in selection of a registrar that fits your needs


Implementation Plan Development is an on-site review of your company’s operations and the off-site development of a plan to position your company for certification to the specific standard.

The plan reflects a multi-phase process to meet the desired certification dates and will include:

  • Process development
  • Documentation development and revisions
  • Implementation of the developed documents
  • Internal audit preparation
  • Development of an internal audit plan/schedule to conduct the internal audits
  • Conduct the internal audits with reports
  • Implementation of the corrective action process
  • Follow-up audit for corrective action implementation verification


DBSQMI documentation development services include quality manual development, procedure development and work instruction development. We can supply temporary on-site technical writers who will assist in the configuration and drafting of company documentation through to final release.

  1. These services are available for those companies who do not have the internal resources to develop the required
         documentation on their own.
  2. For those companies who want to accelerate the documentation phase to shorten the time to certification.

Professional Auditing Services & Assessment

  • Internal auditing with reports
  • Conformance audits with reports
  • Low cost alternative to internal resources
  • Supplier audits conducted with reports
  • Conducted by Exemplar Global, IAQG & CMDCAS Certified Auditors

*Lower your cost in maintaining your internal auditing process*



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